Thursday, December 14, 2006

most depressing xmas song EVER

Come December, I'm attracted to 24/7 Christmas radio like a moth to a bug-zapper. In Chicago, it's 93.9 FM - THE LITE. This year, they switched their light pop/shlock format to Xmas tunes in October. OCTOBER!!!!!!!! There was an article in yesterday's Redeye about how lucrative the format-switch is, even in October. It makes sense. I don't ever listen to The Lite outside of their Christmas format.

Last night, I was writing a few Christmas cards and listening to The Lite when the Delilah Show was on. She's syndicated coast to coast and out the wazoo. Good ol' Delilah runs a call-in, love song dedication, feel-good type program. During the Christmas season, folks call in to share favorite holiday memories and family traditions. It's enough to make your teeth rot out of your head, and I'm a sucker for it when I'm not busy rolling my eyes. I was only half-listening to a song she played in dedication to one of her callers. It was mostly on as background noise as I was affixing a Ninja sticker to the inside of a Christmas card (nothing says Merry Christmas better than a ninja).

The jist of the song, once I started listening half-way through, was roughly this: a kid wants to buy a pair of shoes for his mother for Christmas. His mother is sick in a hospital, she's dying fast, and he wants to give her a new pair of shoes so she'll look nice "for when she meets Jesus."

What the... ? Huhn??? Is this Christmas music or the soundtrack to cut yourself?

Have any of you heard this song? If so, do you have any idea who sings it? It's a contemporary male singer who sounds like he belongs in the country music rack at Wal-Mart, if that narrows it down.

Delilah, you sick sick woman.