Wednesday, December 13, 2006

my friend, the dictionary

I had an extensive IM conversation last evening with my sister Carly. It was the longest conversation we've ever had with each other about anything. It started with her asking me for the proper spelling of the word "antisemitic" ( was down).

Marisa: Well do you have a REAL dictionary? Like a book dictionary?
Carly: nope
Marisa: Made of paper?
Carly: what's paper?
Marisa: seriously do not have a real dictionary? That's nuts.
Carly: I also tried spellchecking on word. it didn't come up anywhere
Marisa: I suppose I could look it up for you in MY dictionary. But you owe me a dollar if I do.
Carly: I hate you.
Marisa: You need a dictionary. Punk.
Carly: I'm not a writer, and I don't plan on becoming a writer as a career
Marisa: You don't need to be a writer to need a dictionary. I'm getting you a dictionary for Christmas now. You are getting a dictionary.
Carly: I don't need a dictionary!!!
Marisa: Yes you do. I don't care if you don't think you need it. You can use it as a coaster.
Carly: buy me something useful!
Marisa: Like I said, use it for beverages. And then guests to your apartment can look up words you don't want to look up. You just doomed yourself to getting a dictionary from me. Do you have a dictionary preference? Webster's? American Heritage?
Carly: Apparently not.
Marisa: Fine, then you leave it up to me. And I'm going to highlight all the words I think you should know.
Carly: Are you just going to color all the pages with a marker?
Marisa: Technically, a highlighter IS a marker. So yes.
Carly: Yeah, I wanted to add some word variation. I just wanted to prove you don't need to buy me a thesaurus too.
Marisa: Sometimes they have deals on a dictionary/thesaurus two-pack
Carly: You know what! I'm going to go finish my paper now...without a dictionary made of paper. Thank you for your time. I don't need anymore sass.
Marisa: You deserve the sass for not owning a dictionary. Go finish your paper. My half of your Christmas present won't be a surprise. Sorry.
Carly: I don't care. Thanks for the dictionary...
Marisa: You're welcome. You'll love it.