Thursday, April 26, 2007

photos: diversey harbor

Here's a few photos from the Theatre Seven production of Diversey Harbor. You don't get many action-shots from a monologue play, but take a gawk at Charlie Olson's Chicago Skyline set and Justin Wardell's lighting. Triple T hottt. Glad we have these pictures because we dumped the Chicago skyline in the dumpster. Charlie wanted to save it, move it downstage, and write a play where giant monsters attacked the city.

I'd meet people who'd register as attractive, then it'd be "well good meeting you" and home to watch Jerry Springer with my thumb in my vagina.

The dog was sitting on the floor next to my bed, staring at me. Like she was standing guard.

I looked beyond to the cars on Lake Shore Drive, headlights going north and south. People starting or ending their days.