Tuesday, June 19, 2007


My sister Carly called me. We had some sort of argument. I'm going to try to provide an accurate transcript.

(Undeclared is a TV series we both have on DVD).

Carly: Do you have Undeclared?

Me: I have a copy of Undeclared, but it's mine.

Carly: It's not.

Me: I'm pretty sure it is.

Carly: No, it's not, you took mine.

Me: I don't think I did. Don't you have a copy?

Carly: There's a copy here.

Me: Okay.... then what's the problem?

Carly: This is a newer copy, it was more recently in cellophane.

Me: Okay. But you have a copy of Undeclared.

Carly: You have mine.

Me: Okay. But I don't think I do.

Carly: Yeah, you do.

Me: I don't understand what we're arguing about. You have a copy of Undeclared, right?

Carly: It's a newer copy.

Me: But you have a copy of it.

Carly: It's the principle of the thing.

Me: I have no idea what we're arguing about.

Carly: Fine, nevermind. You're wrong. Goodbye.

My sister is awesome.