Sunday, August 19, 2007

fantasy fertbow

I joined a Fantasy Football league and if anyone can give me tips on what football dudes to pick that would be really great because otherwise I'm going to be destroyed and I want to be awesome. I should be worried about more important things right now like, for example, paying my rent, but right now it's really important to me that I kick major ass in a Fantasy Football league for the sake of my virtual self-esteem. The draft is September 3. Please help The Pink Chainsaws sprint victoriously into the endzone.

I've been eating an unfortunate amount of fast food lately coming back from the theatre. There's a Wendy's at Ashland and Clybourn that's partially burned-down, but its drive-thru is still open. Kinda sketchy, but sometimes you just gotta buy a spicy chicken sandwich from a burnt-down Wendy's at 1am.