Saturday, August 25, 2007

hot hot heat

Yesterday's finger-crossing was for naught -- no A/C again at last night's performance. The entire block that Chicago Dramatists is on is still scrapping by on reduced electricity after Thursday night's storm. Even the Subway sandwich shop on the corner had to close down, and when a Subway shop has to close, you know shit has hit the fan. Good thing we got plenty of fans to distribute the shit-spray. Everybody brought in whatever fans they had to imitate some adequate ventilation in the theatre. It's a little warm and stuffy, but thankfully not god-awful... The audience is game for the heat when we explain the situation. It could be worse (somehow?) Then again, I'm not the one acting under the hot lights. Had to reschedule our photo shoot since we don't have seven of our lighting instruments. So yeah. Whaddyagonnado, eh? Be mad at ComEd? ... well, yeah, that sounds productive.

I gave Charlie a lift home after the show. Somewhere along Ashland there was the smell of donuts but not a Dunkin' Donuts in sight. Weird. It's possible I was having an olfactory hallucination fueled by wishful thinking, but it inspired an important "Would you rather?" scenario:

Would you rather...
Go through life emitting an overwhelming scent of Donuts
Cry fruit punch Kool-Aid?

note on the donut question:
  • We're talking like a really strong scent of Donuts. Every time you enter a room somebody is going to say "Does it smell like Donuts in here? It fucking smells like fucking Donuts in here"
  • Let's assume that you never become immune to the scent yourself. It may mess up the way food tastes since you're always smelling donuts.
note on the Kool-Aid question
  • In addition to tears, your natural eyeball secretion is Kool-Aid: you may have an ever-present blood-shot look as it's fruit punch Kool-Aid that moistens your eyeball when you blink.