Tuesday, August 14, 2007

shy but droll

For those out-of-towners and/or non-Chicago Tribune readers, theatre critic Chris Jones wrote an article about me in Sunday's Arts & Entertainment section: Surviving a Theatrical Butchering. I haven't talked much about my New York experience or my response to those reviews on this blog, but now that this article is out, why not toss you a little something-something? It requires a longer post that I don't have time for right now, but give me a couple days, and you'll get some DVD bonus features with commentary and a blooper reel. Warning: I also talked to Christopher Piatt at Time Out Chicago. It'll be on newsstands sometime this week, I think, so it's a double-dose of Wegrzyn in the print media. I don't know what he's going to write. I hope I didn't say anything totally stupid. I can't remember.

Killing Women is in tech. Lots of hauling stuff in a truck, out of a truck, painting, bathing in paint fumes, holding flats so Charlie could secure them with screws so they don't fall over and smash actors. I'm sore. I have paint in my hair. It's fun. I need Advil. Maybe Tylenol PM. Maybe a couple Tylenol PM, my liver can handle it. Bed now. We'll talk later. Zzzzzzz.

(P.S. If you're interesting in seeing the show, you might want to get tickets sooner rather than later. Our opening weekend is nearing a sell-out (Saturday Aug 18 is sold out), and we only run three weekends. Short but sweet. I'd be sad if you wanted to come and couldn't get a seat. End of advertisement

P.P.S. Tonight when I was walking to my apartment from my car, I saw a woman walking her dog while driving her car. She was driving like 4 mph and she held the leash out the window and her beagle was walking next to the car. How fucking lazy do you have to be to walk your dog like that?

P.P.P. S. Okay, Zzzzzzz's for reals)