Friday, October 26, 2007

ghost tour: the teaser!

First, for those of you following along with my Pushing Daisies obsession. . . Who do you think the narrator is? Is he simply the omniscient story-teller, or do you think he may factor into the future story? That would certainly be a twist!

I accidentally took 9 second video with my camera the other night on the ghost tour. I'd never used the video feature and forgot I had it on my camera. I was attempting to take a picture of Wayne our tour guide and instead shot the unofficial teaser to my ghost tour post. Here we are in the alley behind the Oriental Theatre, the former spot of the Iroquois Theatre. 844 people died in a theatre fire here in 1903. Many died in the alley when they fell out of fire exits 5 floors up -- the theatre owners rushed construction and hadn't yet built the fire escape. Wicked currently plays in the Oriental Theatre.

The stagehand hanging out by the stage door explained that being in this alley gives her chest pains ("And not because of my smoking," she said, exhaling a puff into the October night).

Wayne explains the sort of ghostly things one can catch on a camera. It should be obvious that I didn't know the video feature was running on my camera, and I'm a little disappointed I didn't get a still picture of Wayne and his waxed moustache.