Friday, October 05, 2007

louisville slugger

I'm cruising I-65 to Louisville, KY this afternoon. I was invited to contribute writing to the Anthology show for the acting apprentice company at Actors Theatre, a show that runs one of the weekends of the Humana Festival in March. It's me and 5 other writers and a composer working on a show about SPORTS! Oughta be a hoot. This weekend gathering is to get to know the company and the other writers and maybe do some work and drink some bourbon. Well I'm drinking bourbon. It is Kentucky.

Mom is cleaning out the basement at home and gave me a pile of dishes. I'm writing a note to remind myself: take the dishes out of the car! Every time I hit the breaks, there's a clatter of Fiestaware in the butt of my car. It makes my driving a little more dramatic, but I don't need to shuttle a pile of dishes across Indiana.

I'm itchy with interstate wanderlust. Piloting my little yellow car at 65+ MPH for hours and hours. Driving while eating Chicken McNuggets. Browsing the NASCAR baseball caps and pine tree air fresheners and touristy schlock at interstate Gas-N-Shops. Flipping through the radio stations and finding the local fire & brimstone broadcast on the FM, or the gem of a low-watt jazz or oldies station, lasting 15 minutes before it crackles out of range. Can't wait to hit the road, if only for a weekend.