Wednesday, October 10, 2007

your ears are an incinerator of sound

I once said, "I'd be fine if I never had to hear the B-52's Love Shack ever again." It was said during a long night of light domestic beer and karaoke. I really meant it. I hate that song.

Would I miss it? If I never heard it again, would I miss anything about it? (Tin roof! ...rusted!)

What if...

Through circumstances unexplained but accepted, once you hear a song, you are unable to ever, ever hear it again. Assume you know what you know about the music you love. What song would you save for...

* a rainy day
* a romantic moment
* a night alone when you're really depressed with a big spoon in your right hand and a carton of Ben & Jerry's in your left
* your personal pep rally
* a lazy Sunday morning
* when you're about to smash somebody's windshield with a baseball bat cuz they done you wrong
* driving on Lake Shore Drive
* your deathbed

Lucky you there are enough songs in the world you can go 99 years and still have plenty of music to listen to, but any new loves you hear will be lost loves. Would it change the way you listened to a song knowing it's the very last time you'll ever hear it.

Can you tell my iPod died while I was stuck on the train?