Thursday, November 08, 2007

doing dishes: a hazard to your health

My favorite juice glass broke in my hand tonight. Washing the dishes. I gotta wash dishes before I go to bed cause dirty dishes in the sink in the morning make me crazy. I was doing the twist around the rim with the sponge to get the early morning pre-toothbrushing lip-print goobers off and - BOOM - the glass is now in two parts in my left hand and holy crap what just happened???

Wow, that really could've been bad if it cut me.

Oh. I'm bleeding.

It's so sudden you don't feel it at first so you don't look for the blood. Then you see the blood. Then the brain goes, "Ohhhhh riiiiiight... PAIN!!!"

That's when you feel like you just cut the crap out of your finger with a jagged piece of glass.

I have a bad track record with favorite glasses. And my favorite glasses tend to be those smallish sort of glasses ideal for juice or wine or spirits, preferably with some humorous/retro design. I'm good at breaking those glasses. I'm especially good at breaking wine glasses. My parents bought me a set of short, stout, tumbler-like wine glasses, impossible to break, the Titanic of wine glasses. I broke one. It jumped out of my cabinet. It got tired of boxed-wine so it killed itself.

My finger is fine. Nothing serious. Nothing a SpongeBob Band-aid won't fix. I'd have a glass of wine to soothe the pain, but now I'm afraid of my glasses. So I'll have to drink from the box. Safety first, classiness second.