Friday, December 28, 2007

I know what you're thinking

I can read your mind. Quid pro quo, mon ami: You get to read my thoughts on this blog, I get to read your thoughts. I ain't givin' free pony rides.

Pick a card, any card.

Choose one, quickly or slowly.

Think about it or don't.

Please forgive the glare. The one on the cards, not the one I'm giving you.

Go. Pick. Do it.

Got your card?

Keep thinking about it. I'll get back to it. Promise.

I don't have much by way of end-of-year wrap up. I didn't see enough in 2007 to pick the "Best Of" anything. It's all subjective and I'm sure I totally agree with your "Best Of 2007" list anyway. I don't have New Year's resolutions. I'm not going to diet or drink less. I was going to start smoking, but Illinois caught up to everybody else and the state-wide smoking ban starts January 1. I snoozed and losed on that one. I bet some people have opinions on how I could improve in '08, like I could "probably be nicer", but those people can shove it.

No pat resolutions for the new year. I've been working on my focus the past couple months that'll just have to stretch into 2008. It's not that I don't have time when I say "I don't have time" to do the things I need to do. Well -- no -- sometimes I mean that. But more often, it's a matter of focus in the hours I do have. That, and I need to learn how to write on the train. And while walking. And in the shower.

2007 was a good, awkward, mediocre, exciting, heartbreaking, fun, bizarre year. A year of highs, lows, and outright face-flops. Maybe I learned a couple things that I'm going to keep to myself. I can only speculate that 2008 will be filled with awesome and horrible stuff, but that's a fair prediction for any year.

Some of you found my blog this year. Thanks for reading and hanging out and not being too disappointed if I'm not talking about theatre which is, like, not very much. Again, apologies for those who found me Google-searching for pictures of "chainsaw accidents." I still haven't posted any of those pictures. The internet failed you as it fails so many.

Remember your card? I removed it from the group.


It's not that I knew which card you picked. It's that I knew which card to take away.

The moral of this card trick is: card tricks are annoying. The other moral is: focus, focus, focus on all the cards, even the ones not picked, 'cause some sneaky bastard might just take them all away and then be vague about what just happened.