Wednesday, December 12, 2007

movies, life, etc

I've been impatient with the last couple of movies I've Netflixed.

I turned off Bull Durham because life is too short to watch Kevin Costner act.

I quit on Superbad about an hour in because I get bored with the Seth Rogen school of humor.

I'm impatient knowing Disc 2 of Friday Night Lights (tv series) is on the way and Scott saying I can borrow his copy of The Wire: Season 4 when he finishes the bonus features.

Planning to see Juno this weekend, looking forward to Sweeney Todd and No Country for Old Men, eventually. I'm super-looking-forward-to Martin McDonagh's feature debut In Bruges and OH BOY here's a link to the trailer.

These weeks, the usual grind, life settling like Tetris blocks almost making a full row to disappear, but still stacking with a slight gap-tooth with hope for the next level.

I accidentally started doing Suduko again. Goddammit. I'm no Sudoku Ninja, but that doesn't stop me from trying the daily RedEye puzzle on the train home. No shame in giving up on a crap number puzzle.