Friday, December 21, 2007

not-so-atomic bomberman

Around 3pm on Wednesday, the fire alarm strobe went off in my office building -- no auditory alert, just something to get me to pull my earphones out of my head. It was followed by a public address announcement to stay away from the windows on the west side of the building. I sit right next to a west-side window on the 23rd floor. They did not explain why we should stay away from the windows so, of course, everybody goes to the West side windows to look outside because it is probably really awesome. Freak storm? Tornado? A face full of shattered glass? Am I going to die at my temp job? How lame.

One of my co-workers speculated it could be a jumper and we shouldn't look out the west side to see A) a plummeting body, or B) a splatted body at the business end of a plummet. So everybody goes to the windows to look again. There were cop cars and firetrucks outside the building.

The non-chalant made another announcement that we were to stay on our floors and not come down to the lobby. Still no explanation and there wasn't any breaking news on the internet or TV.

Gossip trickled in. Something about a bomb. More theories. The only thing that made sense was the Brazilian consulate a few floors down was getting a bomb threat.

I realized I had no idea where the stairs were. That might be a good thing to find out.

Then the P.A. man gave an all-clear and it was back to work. There was a bomb threat in our building and you can read about it here in the Chicago Tribune, and this is the best part: check out the mug shot of the guy they arrested.

OMG hi i'm gonna woo the ladies with my mullet and blowds up ur buildinz with mah grin!!!

This guy must have escaped from a Jerry Springer Show taping. Anarchy in Chicago has never looked so trailer trash.