Wednesday, December 26, 2007

oh, the Humana-ty!

I'm probably the last person to post the line-up for the Humana Festival at Actors Theatre of Louisville. Get a face-full here:

I mentioned before that I'm contributing to the acting apprentice show Game On which runs 4 performances during the two professionals weekends of the Festival (March 21, 23, 28, and 30). I wrote a couple short pieces -- one about baseball, one about horse-racing -- that'll be stitched together with pieces by the other writers. My little plays are blog-sized, but the small print of my contract says I'll be fitted with cement boots and lodged at the bottom of the Ohio River if I post them in advance.

I haven't yet read/heard the other pieces. I head back to Loo-vull at the end of January for the first day(s) of rehearsal with the other writers and acting company.