Wednesday, December 05, 2007

snow day

A gray, flurry day. Note to self: wait until el train passes overhead before walking under the tracks so as not to get chunks of ice falling on my head.

It's shocking the number of people who wear inappropriate footwear for a snowy walk to work. Did they not look outside before getting dressed? Durrr?

Looking north on Michigan Ave from the bridge.

The Wrigley Building on the left, the Tribune Tower on the right. I'm just as confused as you are by the lack of traffic in this photo.

When it snows, things get covered in snow. Statues get covered in snow.

George Washington and his un-famous friends pose for Wilco's next album cover. Covered in snow.

Jack Brickhouse, tragically frozen in carbonite during his final broadcast. Now displayed in Pioneer Plaza. Covered in snow.

This liquid metal robot moose was sent from the future to kill John Connor. The moose failed and is now displayed in Pioneer Plaza as a warning to other time-traveling robots. Covered in snow.