Tuesday, December 04, 2007

snow & scooters (but not riding scooters through snow)

It's snowing. Weather-folk get all Chicken Little on these snow forecasts, but it is snowing a nice little snow right now. I got home tonight, stomped the snow off my shoes in the stairwell, smelling whatever delicious-smelling dinner one of my neighbors was cooking. What was that? Why don't they invite me over for dinner?

Thank you for responding to the first ever Chainsaw Calligraphy poll. The subject was scooters and the people who love them and/or ride them. Results were pretty much what I expected. An avalanche of dorky with a flurry of hostility from Paul and Ryan in the comments. Geez louise, fellas, did a Scooter dishonor your family?

Thing is, I'm thinking of getting a scooter to expedite the long-ass walk from the train to work. The sidewalk along the river side of Wacker is wide and smooth and not too too busy. I really don't know if you can get a ticket for riding a foldable push-scooter on a sidewalk. People do it. But people also run red lights without getting caught so what do "people" know. Does anybody know?

Here's what's driving me insane: I ride the Metra, which is actually on a schedule as opposed to the CTA which is on a schedule of "Fuck you, we get there when we get there. Have a nice (dooms)Day!" No matter how fast I walk, I can't catch the 5:21pm train home. At my fastest speed-walk I miss it by, like, two minutes. Then I'm stuck with the 5:35 train. Now 14 minutes doesn't seem like a long wait, but after the 9 to 5 coma, those 14 minutes are the longest 14 minutes of my life.

If I had wheels, man, I'd make that 5:21 and I don't care how much of a dork I'd look like doing it. But I don't care how much of a dork I look like most days, especially winter, when I'm rocking the two-scarf, hat-with-earflaps look. It's warm. I don't care, don't'chia know?

My Mom sent me the link to this: http://pandora.com. It's the best internet radio for the lot of you chained to your work computers during the day.

I'm also making my way through a bunch of celebrity/writer/actor/politician interviews in the Charlie Rose archives at http://www.charlierose.com

I still do write plays, by the way. Doesn't always seem like it.

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The liquor store on my corner on a December evening in Chicago. The loiterers loiter, the snow falls