Thursday, January 31, 2008

holy crap I'm in Kentucky

This morning, a glorious day, winter in Chicago. The day's forecast: 100% chance of Snowy Fuck-All. Awoke with three words on my lips. "Louisville or bust." I didn't bust. 5 hour drive, SE on I-65, gas outside Indianapolis. Bought a vitamin water at Circle K/Shell. Looking at a rack of humorous bumper stickers, giggling, I forgot I was holding a bottle of water in my right hand. I dropped it. It exploded on the floor of the mini-mart. I hadn't even opened it! The plastic bottle suffered a severe structural malfunction upon impact (for crissakes it was plastic!!!). I had chosen a yellow citrus vitamin water, now puddling at my feet, and it looked like I peed on the floor. True story. Back in the car. Drive. I'm here for the first weekend and table rehearsal of the Apprentice Anthology project at Actors Theatre of Louisville. Is this heaven? No, it's Louisville. Bourbon and baseball bats. A dangerous combination? Yeah: Dangerously awesome.