Tuesday, January 08, 2008

snooze no more

My snooze button.

It is no longer attached to my alarm clock. Some plastic broke off last night so I've yet to see how fixable it is.

Be gentle with your snooze button. Do not smack it with your fist like you're trying to ding the bell in a strong-man high-striker game at the county fair. Avoid dreams involving a Chuck E. Cheese WHACK-A-MOLE game. Do not slap your snooze the way your 6 year old self once slapped your older brother/sister so hard just to see if you could make a hand-print shaped welt on his/her skin, and then he/she turned around and slapped you in your larynx: the Snooze cannot defend itself in that manner. Abuse the Snooze and it will never come back. You will never again know the pleasure of just 9 more minutes.