Monday, February 18, 2008

drunk history - vol 2.5

Part 2 of Vol 2. More Ben Franklin. I want to connect it to Presidents' Day, but Ben Franklin was never a president and it would be inaccurate. Here's a highly inaccurate thing I said at work today: I was spacing out when I answered the phone, and I told a guy that I was going to transfer his call to somebody's e-mail. The guy was like "Uhhhh... okay?" Like knowing what I said was totally impossible but knowing I probably meant voicemail, and he was nice enough to let it go. But then I DID transfer the call to e-mail which stupefied everybody! No, I didn't. I wish the story ended that way. It ended with me wishing my cubicle was soundproof so the people I work with didn't just hear me tell somebody I was going to transfer a call to e-mail. So, Presidents Day! I didn't celebrate Presidents Day, but the Coke machine in the office did: it ate the presidents on my coins and then didn't give me a Diet Dr Pepper or any soda at all. Now I have bad feelings about Presidents' Day.