Thursday, February 14, 2008

oh god it burns

Snippet of an e-mail I received today from my Temp Agency.

You will soon be receiving Microsoft Office tutorials and tests from [test notification e-mail address]. We either do not have scores for these applications from you in our system or the scores we do have are below 80%. Please review the tutorials and complete the tests at your earliest convenience.
First, I did not score below 80% and stop telling people that. Second, I would like to assure my Temp Agency that my mad Microsoft Office skillz are just fine thank you. Third, instead of retesting my office skills, can I put my fist through a wall? I'd rather do that. Not a really solid wall like my apartment's walls, but perhaps the less-solid wall of a McHouse built in three weeks out along the tollway near Gurnee Mills.

I have to retake this because my skills somehow expire after three years, which is when I first started temping and had to take all these tests.

Oh my god I've been temping for three years.