Tuesday, March 11, 2008

resist the urge to stand still on an escalator even if that is the way society has conditioned you to behave

There is an escalator to the lowest level in my office building. It leads to a magical place: lunch. The only transportation between the lobby level and the river level is by escalator. It is a horrible escalator that is wide enough for one person. I cannot pass you if you do not walk down. I am not in a hurry, no, not a victim of our urban hustle and bustle, no. I have a psychological problem: When I stand on something that resembles stairs, I want to walk down them. They are moving, but they are stairs. I would like to use them as such. But I can't pass you on this escalator. It is too narrow for passing. I am not allowed to push you down the escalator for legal reasons. I stand behind you. I stare at your bald spot. I seethe as we ride, together, on the slowest moving escalator into my personal hell. Lunch is so not worth this. It better be tater-tot day or I'm quitting.