Thursday, April 03, 2008

is this just the weirdest defense for a controversial building project?

Mayor Daley proves he should never be allowed to improvise at press conferences as he explains (?) why it's a good idea to build a new Children's Museum in Grant Park over the objections of, like, everybody: (link)

I really believe that is the right location. We moved it from Monroe Street to Randolph Street; we took care of all the buses. They don't want to see the kids on Randolph Street, so we put them underground. Because there's something wrong with the kids today? There's nothing wrong with children today. I'm very proud of children. I'm very proud to see children going through parks and being active with their parents and teachers and all that. How many teachers take their children down there? It's as simple as that.
While I am tired of retarded politicians, I must admit, the part about putting children underground is ingenious.