Sunday, April 27, 2008

why are we clapping? oh right. nostalgia

I saw Jersey Boys the other night. A long-standing Wegrzyn Family outing. I got down to the Loop early and plopped myself at the bar at Miller's Pub, but then I had to chug my beer after getting call from my sister saying they had my ticket and they couldn't go into the theatre without me and finish your beer and get over to the theatre so they didn't have to keep standing outside dammit. I don't recommend chugging beer before a show. So I enjoyed the Jersey Boys, but pretty much everybody else had a religious, toe-tapping experience. When people were singing along to one of the first numbers I thought: this is going to be a long night. My favorite part was the post curtain call auction at the end of the show. It was the company's last night shilling for Broadway Cares, and they auctioned off some prop sheet music signed by Frankie Valli. There was a bidding war between a dude on the main floor and an excitable chick way up in the balcony. I'm not sure where her money was coming from if she was up in the cheap seats, but it was probably her 20th time seeing the show. In the end, two sheets of autographed music went for $1900 apiece. People with disposable income baffle me.