Friday, May 30, 2008

square america

Annie alerted me to the website Square America: A gallery of vintage snapshots & vernacular photography ( It's like flipping through boxes of old photos in a stranger's attic.

More moneys spent today:

Haircut. Got mah hairs cut cuz I wokes up with that shaggy raggy feelin in my skull. This is a better haircut than the free haircut I got in March. Better = more expensive. More expensive = not free. I had an engaging conversation with my stylist about fish sticks, hot sauces, and police activity in the Ravenswood neighborhood.

I used my $40 government coupon to buy a digital converter box at Radio Shack. Yes, Radio Shack! Even with the coupon, I dropped 25 Washingtons (or a Jackson and a Lincoln) on something I used to get for free on a hand-me-down TV and rabbit ears. This is the part where I YouTube searched for one of the main delights of rabbit ears TV in Chicago: MeTV (you out of towners: where do you get your dose of "I Love Lucy", "Cheers", and "Kojak" on one freebie TV station?). But, instead, my search of "Me TV Chicago" unearthed a live 1974 video of Chicago performing "Just You 'N' Me." Oh lawd oh lawd, I love Chicago (the band. the city too, but I'm talking about the band), and I love this video: the clothes, the hair -- you can almost smell the weed wafting around Caribou Ranch in Nederland, CO. You ever feel like you deserve to have a horn section follow you around and provide your life with a honkin' bad-ass soundtrack. I do. All the time. (I also like the Levi's commercial that kicks off the video.)