Friday, May 16, 2008

wrong bus

I hopped on the Ashland bus (on Clark Street) thinking it was the Clark Street bus, because doesn't it make sense that a bus on Clark Street would be the mother effing Clark Street bus? That would make too much sense. The Ashland bus loops back south on Southport to Irving Park to Ashland, and I'm too proud to get off the bus because I paid my 2 dollars and dammit I was going to get my 2 dollars worth going in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION OF WHERE I WANTED TO GO. Then Ashland turned into a parking lot because the Cubs game ended so not only was I on the wrong bus, I was stuck in traffic on the wrong bus. This story concludes with me getting off the bus at Roscoe and walking to the Southport Brown Line stop and paying another 2 dollars to go back north. When I'm on an elevator at work with other people and the elevator stops and I get off on a floor that's not my floor, and I realize it's not my floor before the elevator doors close, I pretend it's my floor and catch another elevator or maybe go into the ladies room and wash my hands. Although one time I stepped out of the elevator and then hopped back in the elevator claiming "there was a bear out there." But nobody really cares. It's healthier to admit my mistake and get off the bus or back on the elevator. Or in the words of Marsellus Wallace, "That's pride fucking with you. Fuck pride. Pride only hurts, it never helps."