Sunday, June 01, 2008

somethingstore somethings revealed

The Wegrzyn sisters (plus Geoffrey) rendezvoused for Sunday brunch at Kitsch'n on Roscoe to open our deliveries from The moment you've been waiting for:

left to right: Marisa, Carly, Amanda

Amanda's and mine look similar, right? Would the Somethingstore dare send us the same Something? Yes. Yes they would.

left to right: Marisa's red lingerie, Carly's Hip Hop Bling, Amanda's blue lingerie

I'm jealous of Carly's bling

The lingerie comes with a matching thong. I am not joking.

I make sexytime over my Snoopy t-shirt

Epilogue: Next time, I want a robot. Or at least some Hip Hop bling because I am gangsta. Clearly.