Thursday, July 24, 2008

photo 14: coffee & doughnut

8:15 a.m. and already it's a tit-twisting screaming bitch of a day, that's for darned sure. No fault of its own. The weather smiles a toothsome 75 degrees upon the Loop. I'm awake. I'm on the green side of the grass. Why's this day so awful?

Geez -- honestly -- I don't know!

I need a pick-me-up to turn my frown upsidefuckingdown. I pass by four Dunkin' Donuts on my walk from the train to the office. FOUR! Maybe, I think, my rubber-soled feet slapping down Lake Street under the El tracks, maybe I need a coffee and doughnut this morning? I will dunk just about any portable, non-fruit-based pastry into a cup of black coffee. Cookies, brownies, hand-held pie (hand-held pie? what? yes please!). I've worked the sweet field and I always return to the basics: a cup of black coffee and a plain glazed doughnut. Ain't nothing better than biting into a coffee-sogged ring of sugar-glazed fried dough. The hot gloppy mass slides down the gullet with ease, greases the lungs faster than whiskey, soothes the savage 9 to 5 beast. Oh my! I'm getting weak in the knees thinking about it. I don't even care if this Dunkin' Donuts doughnut looks like it has been dropped on the floor. My day is looking delicious.