Monday, July 28, 2008

photo 18: a. active key and lock service

I a-admire the a-audacity of a business that throws an "A" in front of its a-name to secure an a-absolute location in the telephone book. Example: A Active Key & Lock Services at the corner of Ashland & Wellington. Gosh, I love how much crap they wrote on their building. Signs above signs -- on the roof, even! Keys! Locks! Everywhere! I'm sold! -- if I'm ever locked out -- which I hope I never am. I should take that day-parking permit off my windshield. It's been on there for almost a month and that sticky stuff is a pain to scrape off the glass. Also, blurry shots of my cowgirl air-freshener from Uncle Fun (the fresh cowgirl smell has worn off) and my dashboard devil duck. The old woman on the corner was in front of me in the checkout and took for-ev-er to sign her credit card receipt.