Monday, July 14, 2008

photo 4: sushi at tokyo marina

Tokyo Marina on Clark St isn't into artsy fartsy presentation. Heck, their sushi chefs aren't even Japanese. What you get at Tokyo Marina is satisfying meat & potatoes sushi (just go with it) and 8 pieces (not 6) per order of maki. If you're lucky, they're playing WNUA 95.5 smooth jazz on the radio. What is this, a dentist's office? I like my sushi simple. Roll some boring salmon or boring tuna into some boring rice and seaweed. It's just an excuse to eat soy sauce and wasabi anyway -- though not too much wasabi. There is a fine line between pleasant nasal sting and instant death. If we ever eat sushi together, you can have my ginger. I don't like it on fish. Ginger is for ales and Gilligan's Islands.