Tuesday, July 15, 2008

photo 5: truman college parking lot

This parking lot at Truman College is a former tennis court. I like to imagine the story here as a film and not as an obvious solution to the campus parking crunch.

The Truman College tennis team was the Bad News Bears of the community college tennis circuit until the belligerent, hot-headed chancellor made this threat to the alcoholic yet pithy tennis coach: "If your rag-tag group of racket-flinging knuckleheads don't start winning, we're gonna turn your tennis court into a PARKING LOT!"

Guess how the movie ends. (hint: see photo)

I biked to Pegasus Players, located on the Truman Campus, to pick up the finalists scripts to judge for the Young Playwrights Festival. I wasn't going to judge. Then they're all, "Hey... we're looking for one more judge..." Once YPF has its hands on you, man, it ain't ever gonna let go.