Tuesday, August 19, 2008

1st rehearsal

First read/rehearsal of Ten Cent Night at Chicago Dramatists tonight. I've been pulling semi-all-nighters the past couple nights to get rewrites done (semi-all-nighter = work until 4 a.m. and then sleep til 11 a.m.; a full all-nighter = no sleep and then carrying on with the day). I used to think I worked well in the last minute panic, but now I think I just freak out like a screaming, arms-flailing Muppet, and then I end up microwaving Bagel Bites at 3 a.m. and watching an Olympics vaulting competition because I feel burned out; I'd rather feel bad for tiny women who do flips over things and then land on their knees out of bounds than think about my writing.

While an all-nighter can be a gratifying accomplishment, it is ungratifying to pull an all-nighter and not finish what I needed to finish. It's actually, like, incredibly depressing. Because not only am I not finished, I am fuck-all tired for the rest of the day. And while the two cans of Red Bull seemed like a good idea at 9pm the night before, I suffer from energy drink hangover. My eyeballs feel weird and my nerves feel like they were stretched tight and snapped like elastic.

Other than that, it's going well.