Thursday, August 14, 2008

more netflix

Some additional comments from the Facebook phone lines regarding the power that Netflix has to make us feel like failures in life.

I always feel bad if I watch the first half of something, and then it just isn't catching my attention, so I "watch" the rest of it while doing something else. Oh well.

You know what makes me feel like a netflix failure? sealing and sending off one of my own personal "the office" dvds and never getting it back.

And Emily tried to make me feel better about myself:
La Vie En Rose is in the 'watch now' section of netflix online...or at least it was right before the oscars... Feel bad no more i say. For you can watch at any time!
I love the Netflix. Sure, it has its occasional problems, like cracked/scratched discs or long waits on brand new releases. My main complaint with Netflix is actually a manifestation of my own psychological problems. I'm not good at predicting what I think will make me happy in the future or, at the very least, satisfied I spent 2 hours watching a stupid movie. I project right now into my queue, and when I have a fit of nostalgia for a movie (Bugsy Malone), I throw it in my queue. And then months later, that movie arrives and I'm over it. I have to be more vigilant about adding impulse adds to the top of the queue.

And then, there was Mark's observation that movies come as an obligation. This happens to me with classic movies I need to watch so I get pop culture references. I just got There Will Be Blood so I can finally understand what that "I drink your milkshake" is all about.

There's also the flip side to the problem. Getting a movie I wasn't too jazzed about having to watch, and then loving it so hard it hurts (Twin Falls Idaho). But, mostly, I use Netflix to binge watch critically acclaimed TV series on DVD.