Friday, August 01, 2008

photo 22: shower curtain

I bought my poker chip shower curtain on sale at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $5.99, marked down from $19.99. It was the day I moved into my apartment, and I had no curtain to contain the cleansing spray. A shower curtain is an intimate thing, you know? It sees you naked. In the bitter cold winter months, it wraps you in steamy sauna warmth. If you need to dispose of a body and don't want to mess your car's trunk: your shower curtain is there for you. But it's important to discuss the power of your shower curtain for reasons other than to keep shower water in check. I am a convert to the clear shower curtain revolution. There are only two reasons to own a solid-colored, non-see-through curtain.

1. You have a roommate who, for some reason, needs to traipse in and out of the bathroom while you are showering. Maybe you found this roommate off Craigslist and maybe he/she is a pervert.

2. You prefer to feel enclosed, trapped, and suffocated in your showering environment. You are weird.
A clear shower curtain -- or curtain with clear as its base non-color -- will make your bathroom feel more open, less partitioned. If you don't have a light directly over your bathtub, it's all the more reason to go clear; don't you want to see the turquoise body wash you're squirting on that pink loofah sponge? Clawfoot bathtubbers take note: a clear curtain will not hide your antique treasure.

Do I have regrets about buying a a clear curtain printed with poker chips from fake casinos? I'm going to be totally honest: I would have bought it full price.