Tuesday, August 05, 2008

photo 25: gimme shelter

Hey, anybody need a broken air conditioner? Stormin' weather, tornado sirens, the whole lot on Monday evening. I met a couple of my neighbors for the first time, all of us hanging out in the basement so we wouldn't die. We talked about the guy who owns the liquor store across the street and how he seems so unhappy and can't manage to keep the snack food well-stocked; how he told one of them he doesn't make any money, even though we all claimed to spending half our paychecks there. The power went out. The basement isn't nearly as creepy when you can't see how creepy it is. The worst of the weather passed and we returned to our apartments, never to see each other ever again. The only candles I had were scented Yankee candles. I tried to do some work by candlelight, you know, the way it was in olde-timey times, but I got a headache from the scented candles. Olde timey people probably didn't work by spring scented Yankee candles.

I might have some thoughts about the Steppenwolf panel. I did the First Look Rep marathon and saw all three plays on Sunday. Good work to be seen. Between casting for "Ten Cent Night" at Chicago Dramatists, the First Look Rep, and running from the weather, I am wiped the hell out. Goodnight.