Sunday, September 07, 2008

rewrites, part... uh... 4?

Swear da gaaaahd. I've thought I was done with "Ten Cent Night" rewrites, like, 4 times before this, but tonight is IT. I'm done! (Unless I'm not). Stuff keeps coming up in rehearsal, which is what happens in rehearsal. Tech is next weekend. What? Already? To quote The Wire's Clay Davis: sheeeeeeeeit.

How bout dem Bears? But seriously, people, let's not get too excited. This all might be socks and underwear on Christmas morning. I'm taking Captain Neckbeard and Thug Urlacher week by week. However, my fantasy football team, the Smoking Babies, had a decent week 1 with Donovan McNabb throwing rockets and I may ramp up my smack talk.