Monday, September 22, 2008

ten cent previews

Three previews down, one to go. Small cuts have been made in the preview process, but the biggest change of all is that by the time the play opens on Friday/Saturday, Ten Cent Night will have gone from being a two act play to being a three act play.

Jiggawhat? You want to make a long play even longer? Are you stupid?

Trust us! We're professionals!

No, I didn't write an additional act in the past week. While watching the play with an audience, the three act structure was making a lot of sense dramatically. It's also great for people like me who have small bladders and drank too much beer before the show.

Instead of two really long acts (with Act 2 being longer than Act 1 -- which can be problematic), we're doing this:

Act 1 (scenes 1 - 6) - 55 min
Act 2 (scenes 7 - 9) - 45 min
Act 3 (scene 10) - 35 min

I am hopeful that this turns out to be a good idea. It involves no extra work for the actors. It just requires some additional cueing from the light and sound designers, and for the stage manager to run the new cues. But Chicago Dramatists has rehearsal days built into the preview process so changes like this can be accommodated. Anyway, things are going well and everybody's feeling ready open this dang thing on Friday.

Heart's "Crazy On You", which is an awesome song, was originally going to be the end of show/curtain call music. It didn't quite fit. It would have been the only identifiable piece of pop music in the show, and it didn't feel right. The song is kinda menacing? ... sexy-menacing? It's totally hot, but the end of the play is a little more gentle. So "Crazy On You" hit the cutting room floor. But here's an amazing live performance of that song. I want to BE Nancy Wilson in 1976.