Tuesday, September 30, 2008

trying new things

There's a Mexican restaurant between the train and my apartment. I walk by it all the time. 2.5 years I've lived in this neighborhood, never eaten there. Looks like a shit hole from the outside. Why would I eat in a shit hole? Tonight I'm coming home from work on the train. Starving. Have a taste for Mexican food. I think: wellll. Let's do it. Let's try something new. I go into the shit hole Mexican dive and order the "Three T Dinner" -- Taco/Torta/Tamale. From the inside, the place looks like a health code violation waiting to happen. I'm a loony in the asylum: I have been committed (to buy dinner here). I bring it home. I feel like a spent too much money, but it's a decent amount of food. I give all three T's a try. Heyyy. You know what? ... it wasn't good. Not at all. I'm never trying anything new ever again.