Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Atlanta, IL

In eight years of driving back and forth between Chicago and St Louis on I-55, I have wanted to stop at the Grain Elevator Museum in Atlanta, IL. Atlanta is located midway between Springfield and Bloomington for those familiar with I-55. There is one hand-painted, fading wood sign for the Grain Elevator on the northbound side of the Interstate (there is no sign for travelers going south). I finally exited the interstate and visited a piece of Agricultural history.

It was closed.

A handwritten sign in the ticket office said I could call "Larry" on weekdays if I would like a tour in the off-season. Mehhh. I parked my car and wandered around Atlanta. It was delightfully ghost-town-ish.

The library for all yer smart book-learnin'. The clock in that clock tower was saved from the Atlanta High School that was built in the early 1900s. The high school was demolished, but the clock was saved, just like in Back to the Future.

I'm glad the spirited citizens realized the importance of books. (the library was closed on Monday. I don't much like reading on Monday anyway)

Millstones from the 1848 Grist Mill -- or -- wheels from the Flintstone's car?

I almost shat when I found this. Hold on to your butt:

I had no idea that Atlanta had one of these giant men, but this giant comes from the same mold as the (semi)famous Gemini Giant of Wilmington, IL. He was originally designed to be a lumberjack holding an axe.

I love Atlanta, IL