Thursday, October 23, 2008


  • Let's slap Malcolm Gladwell across the teeth. His new book on geniuses doesn't include a single woman. Not even a pity inclusion? The woman who invented White-Out? No? My genius was disqualified because I once shot a staple into the pad of my index finger attempting to refill the stapler. It didn't need to be refilled, apparently.
  • I'm sorry I didn't respond to the Evite for your birthday dinner. Was it fun? I bet it was. Anyway -- look -- I would have been there but I was really, really, really busy.
  • Procrastinators, ahoy! It's the last weekend to see Ten Cent Night at Chicago Dramatists.
  • Psalms of a Questionable Nature opens in Philadelphia this weekend. I'm still debating whether or not I'm going to drive to Philly next week. It seems like a good idea until I look at a map and realize that Philly is on the wrong side of Pennsylvania. It's like 12 hours from Chicago, not including necessary stops at Arby's for curly fries.
  • Why is the governor of Illinois such a weasel? He gives people with impossible last names a bad name, and I'm sensitive to that.
  • Tomorrow I'm teaching a playwriting workshop at my former high school. This is my 3rd year doing it. I try to make playwriting sound fun while leaving out the bits that make you want to slam your head in the door of a walk-in cooler.