Wednesday, October 01, 2008

final FP total in the wegrzyn sister fantasy football Week 4 smackdown

Amanda's Lo-Panimals: 80.64

**BIG WINNER--> Marisa's Smoking Babies: 87.74 <--BIG WINNER**

(Commissioner Chainsaw of the Velociraptor Slumber Party league writes a brief weekly wrap up. She is a big jerk in the realm of fake sports. She didn't write a wrap-up last week because she lost in Week 3 and she took her football and went home.)


The Brad called it. Dead-last i3oilermakers upset first place The In-Laws. Holy crap on a popsicle stick! It gives the Bad News Bears booger-eating spaz losers inside each and every one of us hope that one day we will transcend last place to second-to-last place.

Would somebody beat The Gentrificators already? I don't mean to gang-bang any one team in this league, but COME ON! Bring. Schrock. Down. Annie's Annihilators have a go in Week 5. If The Brad can pull an upset, I have faith in Annie to gob-smack the number one team. I don't like winners. Unless that winner is me. I like Me. I hope I win. I beat my sister's Lo-Panimals this week. I know you can't see me as I type this, but I just did a double fist pump.

Sasquatch Hunters and The Well-Hung Ninjas are in a dead-heat to see who can make the most inconsequential drops/adds in the league. Way to go guys! Keep at it! I'm sure it'll start to matter at some point!

A Good Football Team made a desperate plea this week to vote against an accidental trade. While Brett's on-his-knees plea was met with a resounding "sucks to be you", I hope you will all remember this: one day you may be in Brett's shoes. Please remember this as you point and laugh at him.

Commissioner Chainsaw