Thursday, October 02, 2008

Hopefully some reviews in the Tribune and the Sun-Times will give Ten Cent Night a leg-up during the unprecedented run of both Chicago baseball teams in the post-season. I don't know if theatre in Chicago will turn into Tumbleweed Town during game nights, but it might not be an issue since both teams are on track for a spectacular implosion. I'm calling it: Cubs and Sox knocked out in sweeps. I know, I'm being selfish, but like a goldfish sucking the grime off the wall of its bowl, I feed on despair. Especially the despair of Cubtard fans at Wrigley who gave Big Z a standing ovation for pitching a suck game. Don't even explain to me why he might have deserved it. I don't care.

I'm driving down to St Louis to catch Killing Women at Hotcity Theatre. I will drink Schlafly Beer and eat toasted ravioli and toast the history of Westward Expansion with my toasted ravioli as I gaze upon the Arch. I might even wander around my old Washington University stomping ground now that the VP Debates are over and the snipers have left their posts from the tops of campus buildings.