Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I have no water at my apartment

As I was walking home from the train, one of the streets in my neighborhood was totally flooded. I thought, wow: it sure would suck to live on THIS street. Ha ha.

Turns out, it sure would suck to live in my neighborhood. My building has no water tonight.

Dear Poseidon, Greek God of Water OR Chicago Department of Water Management (whichever one of you is less fictional and more functional):

I would like to shower tomorrow morning. I would also like to flush the toilet. Please let that be possible soon. I bought a gallon of water for drinking and essentials. I'll hold number 2 until I get to work tomorrow. My co-workers will love that.

Yours In Anger,


P.S. Kidding about the number 2 thing. Girls d
on't poop. We just don't.

Water is back on. Thanks for your concern.