Monday, October 20, 2008

why I blog

Andrew Sullivan's article, Why I Blog, in The Atlantic.

Who I am on this blog differs from who I am in person. If I'm brash in text, I'm shy in person. I'm pretty quiet. Always have been. When I was younger, Mom would report back from the parent/teacher conferences: "Wish Marisa would speak up more in class." Is blogging and playwriting a symptom of repressed loquaciousness? A feeble attempt of "look at me look at me! I'm witty and worth your time look at me!" (shrug) In conclusion, if I've ever threatened to punch you in the balls or ovaries after some dumb argument about Saved By The Bell, I was probably liquored up. I'm not really like that. You were probably wrong anyway. Forget it. I forgive you. You're welcome.