Saturday, November 22, 2008

let the right one in

O, Sweden! You have a place in the cockles of my heart. Cockles furnished with Ikea furniture and an endless snowy carpet, blood-spattered, not vibrant red but gooey red-black; some days, bleak winter days -- ah cripes, it's only November -- the whole world feels like a post-war, pre-fab, modernistic wasteland suburb of Stockholm. Let The Right One In is kinda-sorta a young love story between a boy with a terrible haircut and 12 year old (more or less) girl (more or less) vampire (spot on). The boy is bullied. The girl is hungry. Both are lonely. I'm no vampire connoiseur. I know the basic lore, whatever. Never questioned why a vampire can't enter a home uninvited. This movie at least answers what happens if they do. It's kinda gross (see above). Anyway, if you see one Swedish vampire movie in your lifetime, this is probably the one to see.