Monday, March 02, 2009

fantasy baseball

I joined a fantasy baseball league. It's a no money, head-to-head Yahoo public league, so I'm probably playing against a bunch of 14 year old boys. I'm trying to figure out fake baseball. If anybody would like to give me any advice, here is my team, Can of Corn. Other teams in the league include: Boston's Best, Green Bulldogs, and I LOVE HALLE BERRY! If my team looks terrible, it's because Yahoo auto-drafted it. If my team looks amazing, then, why yes, I know how to let auto-draft pick a team. Play ball.

C - Chris Iannetta (Col - C)
1B - James Loney (LAD - 1B)
2B - Brandon Phillips (Cin - 2B)
3B - Evan Longoria (TB - 3B)
SS - José Reyes (NYM - SS)
OF - Jacoby Ellsbury (Bos - OF)
OF - Magglio Ordóñez (Det - OF)
OF - Jermaine Dye (CWS - OF)
Util - Aramis Ramírez (ChC - 3B)
BN - Milton Bradley (ChC - OF)
BN - Adam Lind (Tor - OF)
BN - Jason Giambi (Oak - 1B)
BN - Melvin Mora (Bal - 3B)

- - -pitching - - -
SP - Félix Hernández (Sea - SP)
SP -James Shields (TB - SP)
RP - Carlos Mármol (ChC - RP)
RP - Chris Pérez (StL - RP)
P - Yovani Gallardo (Mil - SP)
P - Scott Baker (Min - SP)
P - Ted Lilly (ChC - SP)
BN - Jair Jurrjens (Atl - SP)