Monday, March 16, 2009

pencil & paper

There is a good post at Tomorrow Museum about creativity and basic tools:

If your tools chose you, they can also choose to leave you if you can’t afford them. But everyone has access to pencil and paper. Everyone can archive their thoughts in the most basic form available.

Many gold medal runners come from third world countries. Not so many divers, fencers, skiers, or golfers. Why is it, other than the ease of running. No required uniforms, no required equipment. You don’t need to ask your friend, (leisure time is a scarcity too in poorer countries.) All you need to run is your own body.

In the west, we get hung up on sneakers for overpronators and iPod-plugin pedometers. In actuality, running is the sport that anyone can do — and do well with natural gift and determination…. Like writing and sketching.

The artist who needs 50 tons of steel for the next project is vulnerable to a choking of his creative talent due to grants denied and such things. The one who can make something powerful with nothing more than paper and pencil knows no matter how hard life gets, he can always create.
I try to ween myself from laptop dependence. I try. I fail. Try and fail, again, again. I fantasize about pencil and paper. I like to write by hand, but stories catch on my fast typing fingers and not so much in wrist and graphite. Maybe one day I'll get a draft of something on lined paper in a spiral notebook. I have many writing sticks and the raw materials for a fleet of paper airplanes. 'Til then I search for electrical outlets at coffee shops. My eyeballs ache with screen fatigue. Try, fail, try.