Sunday, May 10, 2009

wendy and lucy

I'll keep this brief. Wendy and Lucy made my soul ache. I have a soft spot for stories about lonely, quiet drifters. Give that lonely drifter a dog that will, no doubt, wind up in trouble, and it kills me. Toss me on the junk heap, 'cause I'll be a wreck by the time the credits roll. The story is simple. Wendy is on the way to Alaska. Her car breaks down in Oregon, she has no money, she loses her only friend, Lucy the dog. Now what? Jesus, yeah, now what?

As a person who likes to travel independently, I had a visceral response to Wendy's story. I've never been in her situation. If I was in serious trouble, I have family I can call. But I could easily imagine myself in Wendy's shoes. The villains in this story are bad luck, bad decisions, and not enough money; the heroes are perseverance and the small kindnesses of strangers.

I've never been a big fan of Michelle Williams before, but her performance as Wendy is just right. It's sad and exhausting and hopeful. What's amazing about Wendy is just how unamazing she is. She's a young woman in a tough spot who is just wants to get her dog back.