Wednesday, December 16, 2009

perhaps you noticed:

This blog is now Links and bookmarks pointed to the original address will continue to function as usual. No need to change anything, not that you would, because I haven't been posting. Actually -- true story -- I owned in 2003-2004. I let it expire. After all, it wasn't free like the bowl of Jolly Ranchers next to the cash register at the dry cleaners. And then somebody else bought the domain. Oh my god: frowny face! Who stole my domain?! I invented Chainsaw Calligraphy. I've been writing under Chainsaw Calligraphy ever since I used it as the title for my weekly humor column in Washington University's newspaper ( in 2001.

The domain was available again. So I reclaimed it. So there.

If this sounds like a renewed investment in the blog, perhaps. I don't know. MAYBE. Twitter has diffused the impulse to post dumb things I used to post here. But here's a stray thought: it would be great to be an astronaut repairing a satelite on a space walk because you get to pee in your work clothes. Most jobs would fire you for that.

I'm also trying to be more professional.