Monday, January 04, 2010

arbitrary rating: bathroom stalls lacking a hook to hang a coat or a bag

Grade: C+

I went to a friend's surprise birthday party at Medieval Times. I used two different Ladies Restroom stalls that evening. Neither had a hook to hang my coat and bag. But both stalls used to have hooks, as evidenced by drill holes in the door -- my deductive skills are tip-top because I just saw Robert Downey Jr deduct things while punching people in Sherlock Holmes. The drill holes in the stall were painted over. Medieval Times cared enough to repaint the stalls, but not to replace the hook so I wouldn't have to set my bag on the floor in possible pee spatter. Yes men, it's true: women can be just as disgusting. Look, I know it's the Middle Ages. The maintenance staff are busy crusading or barfing up a lung of Black Death, but all I ask for in life is a hook in the bathroom stall, a chicken leg to gnaw, and a paper crown on my head while I sip a $7.50 Newcastle and watch grown men with long greasy hair hit each other with swords.